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What to expect when we’re inspecting

Many of the questions we get at AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln come from what people expect when they get a home inspection. To clarify these expectations, we’d like to explain what to expect when we’re inspecting.

DO expect:

AmeriSpec: What to expect when we're expecting

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Quality service from a company with years of experience.

Since it was founded in 1987, AmeriSpec inspectors have conducted more than 2 million home inspections. Today, more than 175 independently owned and operated AmeriSpec franchises conduct thousands of professional inspections annually in the United States and Canada.

A certified, professional inspector trained to meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

AmeriSpec franchises are locally owned, so we have a thorough understanding of the markets we serve. Furthermore, our AmeriSpec associates are involved in national organizations, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors.


AmeriSpec inspectors carry extensive Errors and Omissions insurance and General Liability insurance. They also offer agent indemnification coverage to help protect real estate professionals in the event a claim is brought against them related to the inspection process for recommending AmeriSpec.


Most AmeriSpec offices can prepare a report within 24 hours of the inspection. We have the ability to print the report on-site.

DON’T expect:


After reading the inspection report thoroughly, real estate professionals, homebuyers or sellers shouldn’t hesitate to call us with any concerns or questions. AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln inspectors want to help ensure your client’s peace of mind.


While home inspectors do pay close attention to detail, their primary objective is to provide an objective examination of the visible and accessible components of a home. They don’t point out cosmetic flaws or every small problem or defect in a home.

An appraisal.

A professional home inspection is an examination of a house’s current condition. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value. It is also not a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance.


The AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln website provides all the tools needed to navigate a first home inspection, including a home inspection checklist, a glossary of inspection terms and downloadable copies of our inspection agreements in both English and Spanish, among other features.

In November, look for AmeriSpec in both Realtor and Real Estate Magazine. Our corporate office will be unveiling a new full-page ad in Real Estate Magazine. We also will offer a four-page supplement in Realtor that spotlights our training and professionalism. It also includes information about the AmeriSpec Report binder. This will give buyers a complete overview of “What to Expect When We’re Inspecting”.

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