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Tips for home appliance maintenance

Appliance maintenace tips from AmeriSpec Omaha and LincolnAir conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves keep our homes safe and comfortable. Taking the time to maintain these appliances will keep them operating at peak performance and help them last longer, protecting your investment.

AmeriSpec’s home inspectors offer these tips:

  • First step: regular cleaning. A dirty washing machine gives you dirty clothes. A dirty dishwasher gives you less-than-spotless dishes. Clean seals on refrigerators seal in the cold air, protecting your food better.
  • Check appliance cords. If they show signs of fraying, melting or burning, replace them.
  • Clean filters and hoses. Clogged hoses or filters can affect the overall performance of an appliance, and may even cause damage.
  • Perform routine professional checks. To test the heat exchanger on your furnace or the freon in your air conditioner, call an expert to handle these or any other maintenance tasks that require a licensed and certified professional.

For more information and tips, check out AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln’s Resource Center.

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