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Spring is here! Time for some cleaning

We celebrated the arrival of spring this week, and that’s a sign that it’s time to shake some winter dust and crime off and do some spring cleaning.

We know about the obvious places: clearing off the deck and getting out the patio furniture, sweeping off the porch, putting away winter clothes. But, as Lisa Gordon points out on, we should pay attention to the less-obvious places at home, too.

“When we do get around to spring cleaning, chances are the first places we tackle are those that we — or our guests — will see,” says Cheryl Reed from Angie’s List. “But if it’s up high, down low, or behind something, it may never see your scrub brush.”

Gordon lists these areas of your home that need some attention. They include:

Shower heads: Fill a small bag with white vinegar, then attach it to your shower head with a rubber band. Let it soak for a couple of hours, then use a toothbrush to scrub it clean.

Refrigerator coils: These are found behind or at the bottom of your fridge. They need to be vacuumed, then dusted to remove the stuff that keeps your refrigerator from running efficiently.

Insides of appliances: Your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer should be cleaned out to make sure they’re cleaning what they’re supposed to clean.

Ceiling fans: Dust off the blades and other moving parts. Then reverse the blade direction so the fan turns clockwise and pushes air down to create a cool breeeze.

Baseboards: Wipe them off and clean up scuff marks to put the finishing touch on your spring cleaning.

So, what’s the best way to get things freshened up? The experts at HGTV have some tips.

  • Clean screens with a scrap of carpet. It’s a great brush that gets into all the little places.
  • Freshen up your drapes by tossing them into the dryer with a wet towel for 15 minutes, then hanging them back up.
  • To take lime buildup off a faucet, wrap vinegar-soaked paper towels around the handles and base, and let them sit for an hour.
  • Use salt and soda water to clean out your refrigerator.

As you get your house ready for spring and summer, if you find water damage, unsual spots, mold or other problems, call AmeriSpec at 402-393-3696 in Omaha or 402-483-2010 in Lincoln. Our inspectors can take a look and see if they indicate a problem that needs to be fixed. Or, if you see signs of pest infestation like mouse droppings, we can refer you to our partners at Pest Solutions 365 to make sure bugs and pests stay outdoors.

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