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Pre-sale inspection protects equity

Tom Sutko, owner of AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services in Omaha and Lincoln, was recently interviewed by the good folks at on the subject of pre-sale inspections, and how Omaha homeowners are using them to keep more equity and make their homes more attractive to buyers.

Here are the key points from the interview.

What is a pre-sale inspection?

It is a visual examination of the home completed on behalf of the seller with the intent of informing them about the home’s deficiencies so they can be pro-active in addressing the issues vs. having them used against them by the buyer in the negotiation process.

Why is a pre-sale inspection such a powerful tool for a homeowner?

Buyers usually work with buyer agents, who are often trained to use the results of the whole home inspection to negotiate concessions from you – the homeowner.

A pre-sale inspection can prevent many of these issues, ultimately helping you protect the equity built up in the home and making the closing process much smoother.

How does a pre-sale inspection help the homeowner?

  1. Keep more equity – You have the opportunity to make needed repairs on your own terms and with contractors of your choice, which saves you money. Making repairs in advance also prevents buyer agents from inflating or exaggerating the cost of repairs, and prevents you from having to find contractors on short notice to save your home sale.
  2. Attracts more buyers – What better way to differentiate your home from others on the market. Making repairs in advance and marketing a pre-sale inspected home puts your home in the best light, so you make the best impression in the first few weeks on the market – that critical time when you’ll get the most attention and traffic from interested buyers.
  3. Prevents contract fall-out – This happens when the inspection uncovers so many issues that the buyer simply walks away from the deal. Having your home inspected prior to the sale exposes any issues right away so you can make needed repairs, and the buyer is fully informed before they make an offer.
  4. Provides seller’s peace of mind – Being proactive, you no longer worry about what a buyer’s inspector may find as a significant issue as you have already addressed them or taken actions on what the cost of repairs will be.

That’s why we recommend a pre-sale inspection.

How can people learn more about pre-sale inspections?

We have a special page on our website for home inspection services for sellers. It’s a great resource for more information. We feel it’s the most under-utilized sales tool for selling homes today. Listings with a pre-sale inspection represent less than 2 percent of all homes sold locally, and well worth considering if you’re looking to get the best price and terms on your home sale.

Thanks to the good folks at for interviewing us!

If you’re looking to buy a home, we highly recommend their site. It features all sorts of useful information about West Omaha homes for sale, neighborhoods, events and local businesses like ours.


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