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Paul Sutko promoted to General Manager
of TNT Termite, Pest Solutions 365

Paul Sutko Paul Sutko has been promoted to General Manager of TNT Termite Services and Pest Solutions 365 as of Jan. 2. Tom Sutko, president and owner of these companies and AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln, announced the change at the start of the new year.

“Since joining our organization in 2010 as a termite inspector, Paul continues to demonstrate his dedication and passion for these businesses. Most recently, as the Sales Director for Pest Solutions 365, he has brought in nearly $100,000 in new business for the year while supporting TNT as an inspector on an as-needed basis,” Tom said.

“Paul’s self-taught knowledge of the pest control business and his instinct for doing what’s right for our business as well as our customers is greatly appreciated,” Tom added.

Congratulations to Paul Sutko on the promotion!

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