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St. Patrick's Day party at NP Dodge in Council Bluffs

Dan Van Houten, top, hosts a St. Patrick’s Day party at his NP Dodge office in Council Bluffs each year. This year he cooked more than 50 briskets and decorated the office with shamrocks for the party.

NP Dodge celebrates St. Patrick’s tradition

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln joined the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at NP Dodge Real Estate’s  Council Bluffs office on March 13.

Al Riedman started this tradition, crafting a dinner of brisket, corned beef and cabbage for co-workers and colleagues. He cooked five briskets for that first celebration.

Nineteen years later, Dan Van Houton has taken over for Al. The celebration has become a much-anticipated event, and Dan had to cook more than 50 briskets this year to feed agents, vendors, friends and family.

Our thanks to Dan and the NP Dodge group for extending your hospitality to all those around you. We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate, enjoy good Irish food and carry on this tradition.

NP Dodge St. Patrick's Day party

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