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Heat exchanger inspections now in Omaha

After a successful pilot program in Lincoln, the AmeriSpec team is excited to announce a new service in the Omaha metropolitan area. Effective January 2015, AmeriSpec will now offer an exhaustive HVAC inspection service to include water testing of heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers are traditionally excluded from a whole home inspection because they are not readily accessible for inspection. To provide some element of a review for the excluded heat exchangers, home inspectors have often relied on a visual inspection of the burner chamber, if available, as well as measuring carbon monoxide levels to determine if a more exhaustive review by a specialist is necessary. It’s always been a potential problem and an area of risk for buyers.

In our continued efforts to differentiate our services by adding value and reducing the risk of the inspection process, AmeriSpec has partnered with a licensed HVAC professional to eliminate the risk of a cracked heat exchanger. Starting Jan. 4, AmeriSpec will offer this additional inspection for $39.99 per system, a savings of $75-$100 if purchased separately.

For this amount, AmeriSpec will coordinate to have a licensed HVAC technician show up at our assigned inspection time and perform the more exhaustive inspection of the furnace’s heat exchanger and include the humidifier, which is typically excluded from the inspection as well.

The program in Lincoln will continue for customers in that area.

As the industry’s leader for inspection services, we appreciate the opportunity to continue to differentiate our services from any other home inspection company, and look forward to meeting/exceeding your expectations. For further details, please call us at 402-393-3696.

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