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New partnership in Lincoln
adds inspections for heat exchangers

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln Inspecting the furnaceHave you ever wondered if the age and condition of a furnace could affect the sale of a home? AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln announces a new partnership with Capitol Heating & Air Conditioning in Lincoln that can give brokers and homeowners peace of mind about this vital component of a house.

In addition to its regular home inspection service, AmeriSpec now offers the option to add a professional inspection of the heat exchanger and humidifier by a qualified Capitol service technician. This will take place at the time of the home inspection.

AmeriSpec does inspect the furnace during a normal home inspection.  Inspectors review the overall serviceability of the furnace, then check the furnace’s burner chambers for cleanliness and flame color. They also test for carbon monoxide leaks, which may indicate the possibility of a cracked heat exchanger.

However, a furnace’s heat exchanger is not included in a normal home inspection because it’s not readily accessible, said Tom Sutko, owner of AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln.

“The only fool-proof way to determine the condition of the furnace’s heat exchanger is to partially disassemble the furnace and conduct a water test, or ‘camera’ the heat exchanger, by a qualified HVAC professional,” Sutko said.

Cost for this more in-depth inspection will be $39.99  for properties located in Lincoln, in addition to the home inspection fee. Capitol also will perform this inspection in towns outside of Lincoln, and add a trip charge to the cost.

If a property has more than one system (defined as one furnace, humidifier, heat pump and air conditioner), an additional $39.99 will be charged per system.

Should a client choose not to order the additional furnace inspection, AmeriSpec home inspectors will recommend it if the furnace system is 15 years or older. They will recommend it only during the walk-through of the home.  Qualified HVAC professionals say that when a furnace system reaches 15 years old, it is much more likely that a heat exchanger will be cracked.

Once they find out the age of their furnace, some clients may decide during the walk-through to add this extra inspection. In this case, the AmeriSpec team will coordinate with Capitol to set up the appointment and arrange for payment.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln is planning to offer a similar program for the Omaha metro area. Details will be announced soon.

If you have questions or would like more information, please call AmeriSpec at 402.393.3696.

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