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Keep spring showers outside your home

Now that the spring showers are here, it’s time to make sure the water stays outside your home and doesn’t seep in. Make sure:

  • All down spouts are properly in place.
  • The grading around the foundation of the home hasn’t settled over the winter. If it has, build it back up with fill dirt.
  • Gutters are not blocked, backed up or damaged.

Also, check your sump pit after heavy rains. If the pump fails or if there is no pump, the pit can fill suddenly, overflow and cause flooding.

Keeping water flowing away from the home will prevent costly damage.

USAA offers other hints for preventing leaks in your home. The company suggests 10 areas to check to keep homes dry:

If you have questions or need someone to check your home for damage, please give AmeriSpec a call.

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