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Inspectors find BIG surprise in attic

Wasp nest in attic found by AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln inspectorsAmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln inspector Peter McLeay, along with inspector apprentice Aaron Nilius, recently found a unique structure in an attic they were inspecting: a giant wasp nest.

The nest was so large, it ran more than halfway up the wall. The owners had no idea it was up there, since they did not use the attic for storage.

The inspectors explained that male wasps die in the winter because their food disappears.  But  female wasps hibernate.  If it remains cold all winter, the wasps will be worse in the spring.

However, if there are warmer days during winter — like the spring-like days we had last week — the females will come out of hibernation to find food, but will be unsuccessful and die.

The wasp nest was removed before the house was sold.

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