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Bat feces along attic wall

How to tell if you have bats in the attic

Bat feces behind an attic pipeA flutter here, a squeak there. After a few nights of suspicious noises, you start to wonder: Are there bats in my attic? But no matter how many times and ways you check, you can’t see them. How can you tell for sure?

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln inspectors look for signs of pest infestation during their attic inspections. One sure sign of bat activity is bat feces, as shown in these photos. Whether there are a few pellets in your attic insulation, or piles of pellets along the walls and behind pipes, it’s a sure sign that bats have been coming and going — even if you didn’t see or hear anything.

Most homeowners probably won’t be able to see the openings where bats enter and exit. According to our wildlife control experts at Pest Solutions 365, bats can flatten their bodies to 1/4 inch thick. If you can fit a quarter through an opening, a bat can squeeze through it, too.

If AmeriSpec encounters signs of bat activity during a home inspection, we will note this in our report and suggest a review by a qualified pest control specialist.  Our technicians at Pest Solutions 365 can do just that.

Bat feces in attic insulation



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