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How NOT to light your holiday lights

Inspection blooper: Outdoor outlet with exposed wires Sometimes, it’s just worth the effort to get out the extension cord to run your holiday lights.

Ian Gilgallon, a new AmeriSpec home inspector, found this outdoor outlet on a recent home inspection. There are plenty of hazards with this setup:

  • The outlet is detached rather than embedded in a wall or solid survace.
  • It’s a two-prong outlet that’s not grounded, instead of a grounded three-prong outlet.
  • You can see the exposed wires right next to the deck.
  • There’s no GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) on the outlet. holiday lights.

Please pay it safe this holiday season, and throughout the year. Use a three-prong, grounded outlet and appropriate extension cord for powering yard lights and landscaping tools.

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