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Pre-sale Inspections For Home Sellers

Both homeowners and agents want to get the best price possible when selling a home. Pre-sale inspections for sellers can help both achieve a maximum profit.

More often than not, buyers use the traditional home inspection as the means to renegotiate after the contract is in place. These potential home buyers often overestimate the cost of a repair when making an offer on a home — sometimes by as much as five times the actual cost of the work.

A pre-sale inspection identifies potential areas of concern, which you can address at your own pace, at your own cost. There’s no need for buyers to deduct these costs from the listing price when making their offer.

It should be noted that the pre-sale inspection service is reporting on the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. A buyer may want his/her own report completed prior to deciding on the purchase of the home, since conditions of the home may have changed over time.

In addition, there’s no risk of a potential buyer backing out of an offer if a major issue is revealed that they don’t want to deal with.

Agents benefit from pre-sale inspections as well. According to one prominent Omaha real estate firm and agents who use pre-sale inspections often:

  • A home with a pre-sale inspection sells approximately 15 days sooner than one that doesn’t.
  • A pre-sale inspection saves agents 15 to 20 hours of work per real estate transaction, especially in negotiating amendments after a traditional home inspection has been completed.

Confidence and Peace of Mind – ASAP!

The AmeriSpec Sellers Assistance Program (ASAP) helps homeowners and agents market a home with confidence. ASAP benefits include:

  • Pre-inspected Yard Sign – When displayed, this sign tells agents and prospective buyers that your home has already had a professional AmeriSpec home inspection.
  • The AmeriSpec Report – This comprehensive report, prepared by the AmeriSpec home inspector, details the property’s condition, complete with digital photos on a CD, It also includes a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist and a Home Maintenance Manual.

AmeriSpec Omaha and LIncoln pre-inspections for home sellers

  • Re-inspection Report – If you choose to make any of the improvements the inspector recommends, for a nominal fee, the AmeriSpec professional will re-inspect the home and update the AmeriSpec Report.
  • ASAP Brochures – These brochures can be placed in the home to educate prospective buyers about the benefits of purchasing a home that has been pre-inspected by AmeriSpec.

Multiple Pricing Options

Homeowners can choose the complete AmeriSpec pre-sale inspection, or they may choose to inspect the electrical, plumbing and heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems. AmeriSpec reports and “Protection Beyond the Inspection” assurance are provided with both types of inspections.