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Get ready for spring home maintenance

With warmer weather and quickly melting snow, thoughts are turning to spring. Now that we can go outside more comfortably, it’s time to start planning for some home maintenance.

Here are some tips from State Farm Insurance.

Inspect your roof and gutters. Look over your shingles to see if any need to be repaired or replaced, and check the caulking around flashing. Clear your gutters if they’re full of winter debris to keep April showers from turning into basement floods.

Tune-up the air conditioner. Remove leaves, dirt, branches and other debris that may be blocking the outside unit. Schedule a maintenance call to make sure your unit will run efficiently this summer and cost less to operate.

Look over the foundation, basement floor and garage floor. Cracks and imperfections can appear or get worse during the freeze/thaw cycle. Seal the cracks with a sealant made for porous surfaces such as concrete or brick. Call a professional to evaluate and repair the cracks if needed.

Check the deck. If you have a wood deck, look for stains, discolorations or warping that indicate you may need to re-seal the deck. Also check to make sure there aren’t any loose boards or protruding nails.

Get ready to plant. Rake up any mulch you may have used to protect your plants over the winter, and apply compost to flower beds and garden areas. Check your lawn for thin spots that may need to be reseeded.

We still have a few ups and downs in the weather coming, so don’t shut off the furnace and put away the snow blowers yet.

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