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Finish basement to add value, space

Turning an unfinished basement into livable space is a great way to add value and space for a variety of activities. AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln’s inspectors recommend these steps to keep your basement warm and dry.

  • Address any potential moisture-related issues to keep the basement as dry as possible. Make sure the grading is properly built up around the home to keep moisture out.
  • Check for cracks and make repairs as needed.
  • Install vapor barriers to control moisture and sound.
  • Use a moisture/mold-resistant drywall for walls and ceilings.
  • Consider adding a drainage system and/or sump pit and pump.
  • Be sure to leave access to areas such as main plumbing clean outs and shut off valves. Consider leaving the mechanical area unfinished so the furnace and water heater can be serviced and repaired as needed.

For more details and other home maintenance tips, see our full article on finishing basements in AmeriSpec’s Resource Center.

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