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Furnace verification program: We’ll service the furnace

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln furnace verification programA furnace’s heat exchanger is 80% hidden from view, making it difficult to inspect without dismantling the furnace. That’s why ALL home inspectors exclude these from their inspection reports and/or agreements.

However, most soon-to-be home buyers want to know the exact condition of the furnace they’re about to buy. They know it can be a major expense to replace or repair a furnace, as well as a safety issue for them and their loved ones.
That’s why AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln makes this offer to the respective agent of the home to be inspected:

AmeriSpec will pay to service the furnace if our inspectors are unable to verify the condition of the furnace.

This option saves time and money for both the agent and the potential homeowner by quickly resolving what could be a potentially costly issue.

How the service works

  • Our inspectors will perform their regular review of the furnace unit.
  • If rust, scale or corrosion prevent our inspectors from being able to make an accurate determination about the condition of the furnace, we will recommend to the respective agent that it be serviced.
  • We’ll also ask the agent to get permission from the sellers to allow us to send an HVAC contractor out within the next 24 hours to review the furnace unit.
  • The HVAC contractor will provide AmeriSpec with a report on the condition of the unit.
  • If issues are noted, the contractor will not provide repair estimates with this report. This will prevent conflicts of interest.
  • The agent will be able to call the contractor for an estimate, if desired.

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