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Elements of a home inspection: Heating and air conditioning

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln air conditioner inspectionHeating and air conditioning systems help maintain an even, comfortable temperature in the home throughout the changing seasons. They also circulate air throughout the house and refresh the air supply. These systems also can add or subtract moisture from the air, depending on the equipment and season, and filter the air as well.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln tests the furnace and air conditioner to determine proper operation, physical condition and presence of adequate air flow.  An air temperature drop test is performed on AC units.  We will date the systems and provide average life expectancies for the various systems.

  • Furnace: Proper and safe operation (includes gas leaks and carbon monoxide detection), excessive rust, scale, condition of filter. Inspect and describe the installed heating equipment, vent systems, flues and chimneys. NOTE: A furnace’s heat exchanger is 80% hidden from view, making it difficult to inspect without dismantling the furnace. Amerispec Omaha and Lincoln, like ALL home inspectors,  excludes these from their inspection reports and/or agreements.
  • Air conditioner condenser: Safe and proper operation using normal operating controls. Inspect and describe the central and through-wall cooling equipment.
  • Ductwork: Proper connections/insulation, airflow.