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Check, clean appliances for top performance

We get a lot of help from our household appliances to make our food and keep our houses clean, comfortable and safe. Here are some tips from the AmeriSpec Resource Center to keep your appliances running efficiently.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln appliance maintenance tips: Cleaning your dishwasherClean your appliances regularly. Wipe off refrigerator shelves to keep bacteria and mold from growing. Wipe down seals to keep the cold air inside.

Remove buildup from washing machines and dishwashers by running a load with hot water and vinegar. Remember Tang, the breakfast drink? That also works to clean our your dishwasher.

Check your electrical connections. Cords can crack or fray. Prongs can burn or bend. All of these are fire hazards.

Unblock filters. When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? And have you checked the filters in other appliances, such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers?

Examine hoses. Over time, particles can build up and slow or block drainage. Hoses also can crack or leak.

Call for professional maintenance. If an appliance requires advanced maintenance or you’re not handy with tools, it’s best to call a professional for yearly maintenance.

For more tips, see our appliance maintenance tips in the AmeriSpec Resource Center.

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