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Check appliances for safe installation

Stove with exhaust hoodWhether you have new appliances or are using the ones that came with your house, just knowing that they work may not be enough.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln’s inspectors recommend that homeowners to read the manufacturer’s manual to make sure they’ve been installed correctly.

Different makes and models of ovens and microwaves have unique requirements for minimum and maximum clearances from other appliances and/or combustible materials. Appliances using exhaust vents, such as dryers or exhaust fans, also have specific requirements for proper materials, clearances and termination locations.

One thing our inspectors have seen is two separate appliances with their venting systems connected so they vent only at one termination point. We recommend that all appliances with vents have their own separate vent line to the exterior of the home

Other suggestions for safe appliance installation and maintenance:

  • Check filters to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Take care of char/burn marks around on appliances or combustible materials, and replace cracked glass in oven doors.
  • If you no longer have the operator’s manual for your gas appliances, have a qualified contractor review the installation.

For more tips on maintaining your appliances and making sure they’re installed correctly, and other home maintenance information, see the AmeriSpec Resource Center.

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