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Broker, buyer feedback doesn’t always help

When AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln performs a home inspection, we like the buyer/seller and broker to attend the walk-through so we can explain the results of the inspection and get their feedback. This helps us improve our process and gives us insight into their concerns.

Most of the real estate brokers we know like to get feedback after a property is shown so they can learn if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, however, that feedback isn’t very helpful.

Richard Robibero, a broker in Toronto, ON, got some interesting answers to a question he posted on

“What is the silliest feedback you’ve heard from an agent or buyer on a property you’ve listed?”


  • “Didn’t like the color of the shower curtain in the guest bath.”
  • “Had a buyer tell me the home was perfect for them in every way, but they could not buy the home because street name was also the name of a famous brothel in a nearby town.”
  • “I received feedback from two buyers’ agents who showed one of our listings on the same day, back-to-back.  One said ‘not enough trees on the property’ and the other commented ‘too many trees’.”
  • It was from a buyer I was working with who had very specific requirements. They said I’d found them exactly the house they wanted, but they didn’t like the floor joists.

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