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Huge promotional pricing on pre-sale inspections from AmeriSpec

Doesn’t it make sense to be pro active vs reactive when it comes to selling one of the largest investments of your life?  AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services thinks so too!  AmeriSpec of Omaha and AmeriSpec of Lincoln are offering our pre sale inspections for nearly half the price!  What’s the catch?   No catch, it’s called […]

What is a Picocurie?

Are you smarter than the average bear (for those of you familiar with Yogi Bear) when it comes to radon lingo?  From the two options below, which one correctly describes radon level measurements:  pCi/L or pCi? When radon is measured and the results are in, how are the results measured/read?  You may hear people share […]

Paying it forward in your community

  Quote of the day: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  (Ghandi) At AmeriSpec, part of our every day mission beyond providing home inspections and radon testing is to be a partner in the community.  Finding ways to make the place we live a little better by supporting various organizations, fundraising […]