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AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln attic inspection finds charring around an electrical wire

Attic inspection uncovers electrical charring

Here’s an example of what an observant home inspector might find while checking out an attic.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln inspector Joe Green noticed discolored insulation, and wiring going into the box for a light fixture that just didn’t look right. When he touched the insulation to move it out of the way for a closer look, the insulation felt like it had been charred. Once he saw the problem, he moved the insulation away from the area to minimize further charring or burning.

Green explained that there are special fixtures and electrical boxes that are designed so they can safely come in contact with insulation when they’re installed. Other fixtures need to be kept clear of insulation because they heat they generate can cause the insulation to char or even catch fire.

In his report and inspection review, Green suggested that the buyer have this condition reviewed by a qualified electrician for proper repairs and replacement.

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