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AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln deck inspection

Check your deck each year
to make sure it stays safe

One of the greatest safety concerns in a home is the deck. Common safety issues include loose or leaning posts and beams, loose or missing railings, and missing or deteriorated floor boards.

AmeriSpec inspectors recommend checking your deck at least once a year to make sure they’re safe. Here’s what you need to check:

  • Support posts and beams should have clips, bolts, and/or metal fasteners in place to secure them.
  • Beams should be directly in place over a post to provide proper support for the deck joists.
  • A ledger board, found where the deck connects to the house, ideally should have bolts to prevent separation from the house.
  • The spindles of the railing should be no less than 4 inches apart, and the railing of the deck should be at least 34 inches from the step or deck boards to the top of the railing.
  • Wood deck boards can deteriorate easily if they are not painted or stained every other year. This deterioration could become a trip hazard.

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