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Why AmeriSpec checks every visible outlet

Amerispec Home Inspection services checks every electrical outlet.At AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln, ensuring safety is one of our many goals. When we inspect a home or business, we check more than 400 different items within the building. This includes the electrical service: from the service drop, or line, to your home, to the outlets in each room.

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) requires inspectors to inspect only one outlet per room. But AmeriSpec checks every available outlet to ensure our clients’ safety.

Electricity travels in a path called a circuit. When you turn on a light or appliance, you complete the circuit. Electricity will not leave the circuit unless it can find an easier path to the ground. If you touch an energized wire or faulty cord or appliance, you can complete the circuit — which could result in a fatal electrical shock.

This is why inspectors check outlets, and inspect panels and drop lines to houses. If the drop line is running through trees, we suggest that the trees be trimmed by qualified contractors. If there is a damaged or miswired outlet that could cause a shock, once again we suggest that it be repaired by a qualified contractor or licensed electrician.

We also inspect the electrical service panel and sub panels to check for safe and proper wiring to the breakers. We occasionally find double circuits to breakers or at the main disconnect, overfusing, charring and loose connections. All of these items should be repaired by a licensed electrician.

If you have any questions about the electrical service in your home please, please call us at 402-393-3696. Other tips for electrical safety can be found online at