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ADT security package now available
to AmeriSpec inspection customers

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln home security promotion with ADT

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln is partnering with ADT to offer new homeowners an opportunity to install a home security system.

The first part of the promotion gives AmeriSpec customers a premium wireless protection package at no cost. The package includes a control panel, contacts for up to six exterior doors, a pet-friendly motion detector, a carbon monoxide detector and two keychain remotes.

There is a $99 customer installation charge for this package, but customers also will receive a $100 Visa gift card that can offset the charge.

The second part of the package offers three months of security monitoring for free (regularly $36.99 per month.)

These offers are available to home buyers or sells who choose AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln for home inspections and pre-sale inspections. Check out the flyers for the security system and monitoring (PDF) for more details.

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