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AmeriSpec Omaha honored at convention

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln received two top honors at AmeriSpec’s annual convention in February.

The awards were presented by Tom Coba, AmeriSpec president and chief operating officer, and Gale Colvin, director of training for AmeriSpec. Owner Tom Sutko and his wife, Melanie, accepted the awards along Omaha team members  June Eads, director of marketing, and Kevin Wiley, assistant general manager.

The Omaha/Lincoln office was once again named to the President’s Cabinet, reserved for the top three franchises overall. Our office produced the most revenue for AmeriSpec in 2013.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln, winner of the 2014 President's Cabinet Award

From left: Gale Colvin, June Eads, Melanie Sutko, Tom Sutko, Kevin Wiley and Tom Coba.

We also received the Platinum Circle Award, given to franchises earning more than $1 million in revenue.

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln won the 2014 Platinum Circle Award.

From left: Gale Colvin, Melanie Sutko, Tom Sutko, June Eads, Kevin Wiley and Tom Coba.

 We thank all of the brokers, home buyers and sellers, and other partners who have helped make our office a success in 2013.

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