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AmeriSpec launches website redesign

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln has redesigned its website. This update, launched three years after the previous redesign, gives us a new look and additional features to better serve our customers.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the new color scheme. We previously had been using black, red and gray for our corporate colors. With this redesign, we have decided to adapt the dark teal and red used by AmeriSpec corporate. This will let us take advantage of the successful branding identity they’ve built for us, and show our support for their efforts.

Along those lines, we also changed the font on our website. We’re now using Rooney Sans from This is very similar to one of the fonts used on

Our website is now built in a responsive format. The site will adapt to whatever device it’s seen on: desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone. We previously had a small mobile site for phones, but now the entire site will be available on any device.

In addition to the technical changes, we’ve also updated all of our content. A big change is the company name we’re now using on the site. We modified it from AmeriSpec Nebraska to AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln.

This change was made in response to ongoing emphasis on local search engine results. Adding the names of the cities where our offices are located gives a stronger signal to search engines that we have two offices and serve customers in those local areas.

All of our Future Leaders Scholarships winners are featured in a new gallery, with their photos and bios. We’ve added several new articles to our Resource Center.

Theresa Cassiday of Catena Creations redesigned the site for us. She did the first redesign for us three years ago. A more detailed description of the redesign steps can be found on the Catena Creations blog.

AmeriSpec will partner with Catena Creations on blogging, posts on our Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn pages, site maintenance and search engine optimization so that we continue to improve and enhance our site.

Please take a look around and enjoy our new website!

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