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AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln's new digital binder

AmeriSpec launches digital binder for clients

AmeriSpec Omaha and Lincoln announces an exciting new perk to all clients who allow us to perform their home inspection starting April 1. We will be gifting our clients with a lifetime digital binder, which is like an online filing cabinet for all records related to the home they purchase. This is free to our home inspection customers for the life of their home and it’s only from AmeriSpec.

Your online binder will include FREE recall check notifications, monthly maintenance reminders, tabs to store receipts, pictures, service records, contractor and service provider information, paint samples and much more. It comes with your home inspection report and important maintenance reminders already uploaded to get you off to a good start.

We will still provide you with an onsite, printed report and an email version along with pictures the day of your inspection, but we’ve decided to simplify the inspection binder itself. We’ve replaced the 3-ring binder with a more earth-friendly pocket folder to hold your papers during the inspection. If you would prefer the 3-ring binder over the online binder, simply request it and we’ll provide it to you.

“We are very excited to offer this new digital binder to our home inspection clients,” Sutko said. “It’s an expanded, comprehensive package that will continue to serve our customers long after the inspection is completed.”

For more information on our online binder, please visit our Inspection Reports page in the AmeriSpec Resource Center.

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