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AmeriSpec home inspection: Seward

Downtown Seward, Nebraska

Downtown Seward, Nebraska.

Seward is located near Lincoln, and the staff in our Lincoln office will travel there to perform your home inspection. Call us in Lincoln at 402-483-2010 to schedule your appointment.

In addition to the traditional home inspection, AmeriSpec also performs several specialized inspections. They include:

  • Pool/spa.
  • EIFS (artificial stucco)
  • Commercial property.
  • Carbon monoxide.
  • Water quality.
  • Lead-based paint.
  • Septic.

About Seward

Although the population of Seward is just under 7,000, on the Fourth of July the population multiplies to about 40,000 as people travel from around the country to join the city’s Independence Day celebration. The holiday is so ingrained into the city’s culture that before cars were invented, special trains were run to bring people to the event.

Seward was proclaimed “Nebraska’s Official 4th of July City” by then-Gov. J. James Exon. In 1976, the city was chosen to host Nebraska’s July 4 celebration for the United States Bicentennial. It also is home to Concordia University.